Monday, 12 July 2010

We Love Her Dress

Last week we headed down to Hop Farm Festival in Kent, which we'd like to mention was really great and we're certainly returning next year...Everyone talks about a good festival 'look' - there's the signature trilby/panama, wellies seem to be a definite, as do denim shorts and a small bag o' necessities, and there's also all that hippy/bohemian malarkey too (not forgetting the 'anything goes' look - you can be a Red Indian, a tiger, a nun or quite lit'rally whatever you want - nobody cares). Then there's the whole Barbour thing (and as much as we LOVE Alexa, a Barbour? In midsummer heat? Serious?) but gone are the days where it rains at Glastonbury, apparently. So y'all need to soak up the sun! Pictures of Kate Moss, Emma Watson, Sienna Miller and all those other celeb festival-goers are everywah to inspire us: bla bla bla. But in reality people kinda wear what they like, well they did at Hop Farm, and we loved what they weared. Of course, the best looks came from people who did their own thing. People who just really pulled off a totally personal style and didn't worry too much about the fact it might rain or snow, but relished the fact the sun was beaming and the grass was dry. We particularly loved this woman and regret we didn't get a better picture (she looked too content with her lunch/friends/summer weather to be disturbed). But here's her in her dress and we also love her blonde crop - the two go perfectly! Hope she had as much fun as we did. M and G XX

Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Short Introduction

We're not new to the whole blogging scene, between us we have 3 (and now 4) blogs. But this is a bit different to the rest. Inspired by FaceHunter, The Sartorialist and the like, we're going out onto the streets of London and the rest of the world to bring our readers and fellow bloggers some examples of great style - not necessarily great fashion. We are both very interested in fashion; we are interested in both the way outfits are put together and individual items of clothing. We like people who stand out and we like people who don't. We love Sofia Coppola, Alexa Chung (even though we know she has a stylist), Rodarte, Sienna Miller, Miley Cyrus and Karl Lagerfeld. And our current favourite thing ever is Miley's new video for "Can't Be Tamed" - it's got aspects of the Louis Vuitton ad, a bit of Cheryl Cole and GaGa and Boy George and Britney, what's not to like?

M and G X